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Parcha / Passion Fruit/ Maracuya

(Passiflora Edulis - var. flavicarpa )

Parcha flower just before it bears fruit


This vine, native to the Amazon, produces beautiful flowers and sweet-tart fruit. It was named by the Spanish missionaries in South America who saw the Passion (suffering) of Christ represented in its flowers. Passion fruit is widely grown throughout the tropics and subtropics. Its common name in Latin America, where it is native, is maracuya and in the Caribbean, Parcha. The fruit is produced on a woody vine from bisexual flowers. The fruit is somewhat tart, has a hard purple or yellow rind, and contains many black seeds. Passion fruit is commonly used in beverages. It is usually propagated via seed. There are many species of Passionflower with the most common found in the Amazon region being Passiflora edulis.


Light: Full to part sun.

Moisture: Light, evenly moist soil, mulch well. Hardiness: Dies back to ground in winter, recovers in spring.

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings.


Grow on fences or trellises, or allow it to scramble over shrubs and trees. Mostly pest free but sometimes attacked by caterpillars.


Fast grower with beautiful flowers and edible fruit.


Note: There are hundreds of articles about the Passion Fruit on the Internet. I have selected the most informative in the "LINKS" section of this page. Lots of information from reliable sources.

LINKS (Good Info)


Where do my Parcha seeds come from???? Check out the slide show I just did for you, with the parchas on their vine in my backyard !!!

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