Guanabana Seeds

(Annona muricata L.)


Photo courtesy of Mara Richardson, Costa Rica 

Also Known As: Soursop, Guanabana, Corosol, Graviola, Nanqka, and Prickly custard apple.

This delicious tropical fruit the interior flesh is white, with soft, cottony strands that contain many seeds. Flesh is tart, desirable for ices and ade drinks. It is an important fruit in Puerto Rico and other tropical American areas. It will only progress in the warmest parts of the U.S. since it loves the heat of the tropics.

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There are phytochemicals in the leaves, seeds and stem of the guanabana which are cytotoxic against various types of cancer cells.There is ongoing cancer-research on this plant concerning the specific phytochemicals that are demonstrating the strongest anticancerous and antiviral properties.

It seems that in contrast with chemotherapy, that indiscriminately seeks and destroys all actively reproducing cells, graviola selectively target enemy cells.It leaves all healthy and normal cells undisturbed.

Soursop has an important place in traditional- and alternative medicine in many countries.


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