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Culantro / Recao

Photo courtesy of Jose Castellanos, Arizona


Culantro (Eryngium Foetidum) is a flavorful herb used in caribbean cooking. Puerto Rico uses it extensively in all kinds of stews, soups, beans, asopao, etc. It is a more flavorful substitute for Cilantro for all your culinary creations. It is definitely NOT EASY to come by the seeds for this fragrant herb until now. Another name for this herb in Puerto Rico is RECAO. In Asia it is also known as Long Coriander. Culantro is also known as: ngo-gai, spirit weed, long coriander, false coriander, shadon beni, black benny, recao de monte, Mexican coriander, and well over 65 more names in different parts of the world.



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If you have planted your seeds and would like to share the information on your success, please send me an e-mail with the details and I will post your experience on the website....... Jose Puras


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Tips on growing Culantro

I receive many e-mails requesting information on How to Grow Culantro. I have been handling these e-mails on a one on one basis and will continue to do so if needed. Here are the directions for easily growing your Culantro. First bear in mind that Culantro likes the shade and will not survive Full Sun. Also it loves moisture NOT wetness! Culantro seeds have a relatively short germination window, so seeds should be used within three months of purchase. With these things in mind here are the tips on how to grow Culantro.


Feedback from Customers attempting to get their Culantro going !




Latest Good News !



Name Claribel
Email Not posted.......
Subject Recao and Ajicito
Comments Jose,

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully grow, 20 ajicito plants! They are all sprouting seedlings and even up here in cold Minnesota I have managed to finally figure out how to grow them. I started the seedlings in peat pods in the middle of February (because our growing season is so short) and put them in a small greenhouse. I later transferred them to larger pots and have them in a greenhouse outside, because our summers are mild and I read they need at least 80 degree heat. My plants are luscious and beautiful! I will take pictures and send them. The Recao looks incredible larger than ever and I believe it is the greenhouse. Thanks!!!!! Clari...........

......and please keep in mind that this is in Minnesota !! Way to go Clari !



Greetings, Josť:  I am delighted to tell you that the culantro seed which I planted this past Friday, May 21, had begun to germinate by Monday, May 23.  Today, Tuesday, May 24, there are many, many visible tiny seedlings in the planter! 

I Am using a circular plastic planter tray some 5 inches deep and 18 inches in diameter, filled with simply good quality garden soil. The planter is located on our small back porch where it receives plenty of natural light but is not in the direct sunlight. I sowed the seed as you recommended, gently watered the planted seeds, and then covered the planter with clear plastic, fastening it around the edge of the planter with wooden clothes pins.  Droplets of water formed under the plastic, keeping the soil moist.  This morning I inserted 8 inch sticks around the perimeter of the planter to serve as a support for the plastic, keeping it about three inches above the surface of the soil and tiny plants.  Also, I lifted the edges of the plastic in three places so that  air can freely circulate over the surface of the soil.  The seedlings look healthier than ever this afternoon.  What an adventure!

Best regards, JoAnn Wasson

Demorest, GA

Always Nice to Hear !!!


Name Heather
Email not published.......
Subject Aji Dulce and Culantro
Comments I ordered Culantro and Aji Dulce seeds last year to make Sofrito for my Puerto Riccan husband. 90% of all seeds germinated and my Aji Dulce plants grew up to 3 feet tall. We live in Texas and were able to peppers into December. We got so many peppers we have been able to freeze enough sofrito back for the whole year. The culantro has done equally well inside and is still going strong will very little maintenance. We have been extremely pleased with the results and will always order our seeds from you guys. The instructions were easy to follow and made all the difference in our success! Thanks!



Here is the most recent from the Island of Guam and what a customer and friend, is doing with their Culantro..

First, a picture I just received from them this morning (11-17-09) :

Next, their video taken last year 2008

Hi, I thought I'd send you my culantro video that we posted in YouTube. Hope you enjoy it.

Click on the link for youtube below.

Regards, Tom and Marianne Blas





For those of you with automatic sprinklers, here is an idea......

27 June 2008

Name Flory Loughead
Subject recao & ajies dulces
Comments I am too lazy to germinate the seed the way you suggested so...
Last Sunday (I received the seeds a while back, was waiting for warmer weather.) I took two clay pots, filled them with soil, sprinkled the seeds on the soil and watered them well.

Daytime temps in the 80's; nightime in the high 50's. I placed the pots at the foot of a shrub - warm and shady. We have automatic sprinklers so they get watered every morning.

By Thursday the seeds had sprouted, you can sit and watch them grow; they are doing just fine.


Culantro grown in N.Y. State


Here in upstate New York the summers are really short and this last one was too rainy and cool but I got to grow the recao seeds.  I'm looking forward to grow them again next year. What I do is I place the trays in a sunny window where they can get direct sun.  The soil needs to be kept moist at all times otherwise they dry too quick. They last about 2 months or longer. It's better start the seeds inside or in a porch since this area gets a lot of rain and they will drown.  thanks again and I will be ordering more seeds soon.  Have a good day.




More from New York.....


I just wanted to let you know that the recao seeds that I bought last year grew beautifully. I started them indoors, they took about 6 weeks to germinate. I did not bury them. I kept them in shade and they did not do so well. I attributed this to the sun in New York, (our sun is not as strong.), once I placed them in full sun, and covered them with plastic, they took off! I was able to make sofrito, and also cook with them, not bad for the first time growing them! Thank you so much, and I look forward to my next purchase of seeds from you. Thanks again!

Andrew Scott


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