Vegetable Amaranth

Also known as *Calaloo and

Green Leaf Amaranth

My calaloo plants as of 5-20-2005 My calaloo plants as of 5-20-2005

*Please note this is Calaloo of the Amaranthus Variety and NOT the Dasheen leaves.


Those who have experienced the culinary exquisiteness of a plate of Seafood Calaloo Soup while visiting the islands in the Caribbean will never forget this travel into the upper layers of culinary ectasy ! This platter is offered in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, and just about every Island down the Caribbean chain.

My last and "never to be forgotten"culinary experience with Calaloo Soup came about in 1980 on the Island of Vieques while visiting with a well established family who for over 100 years have lived on that island. A large soup plate was served steaming hot with crab, shrimp, conch meat, shreded fish, lobster, and herbs like culantro, aji dulce, diced eggplant, diced okra, acelgas (swiss chard), salted pigs tails, pork ribs, smoked ham, and tasajo. When served they add a "Bola de Mofongo"with extra garlic and bacon bits. To this day in the year 2005 I have not tasted anything remotely similar to that Calaloo Soup.

Regards, Jose Puras


Calaloo Soup Recipe from Puerto Rico

First Ingredients

1- Salted pork tail

2- Tasajo (Puerto Rican dry cured beef )

3- Jamon Ahumado (Smoked ham)

4- Costillitas Saladas (Salted Ribs)


1- Pescado Frito Desmenuzado (Fried Fish) Shreded

2- Carrucho (Conch)

3- Jueyes (Crabs)

4- Shrip and lobster can be also added.


1- 15 Calaloo leaves

2- Okra - 1/2 pound

3- Berenjenas (Eggplant - diced)

Flavor Ingredients

5 culantro leaves (chopped)

5 aji dulce (chopped)

1 medium onion (chopped)

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)


All salty ingredients place in water the night before. After the first boil, dump the water and refill for another boil. I f the water is still salty, save some and refill with fresh water and reheat. While cooking add all the FLAVOR ingredients -salt, pepper, culantro leaves, aji dulce, onion, and garlic . After 25 minutes of cooking and you are happy with the flavor, add all the seafood and the vegetables. If you like hot sauce (or hot peppers) add now. Cook for another 15 minutes.

When serving you add a mofongo ball (fried green plantain mashed in a mortar with lots of garlic and shaped into a ball. ) in the individual plates. I have also added Alubia Beans (Large white beans) at the time you add the seafood and it's just wonderful and it helps thickening !

If you have any recipes for Calaloo Soup, please send them to me via e-mail and I will post them on this page.

I have had excellent results growing the green vegetable amaranth as you can see by the above photos and would recommend it to the home gardener who likes plates with greens in it , since Vegetable Amaranth (Calaloo) is an excellent substitute for Spinach and Swiss Chard. It's easy to grow and it will do great in 2 gallon pots. After a few months it will go to seed, so if you like just save the seeds for future use.

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