Ají Dulce

Also known as Rocotillo, Cachucha, and a few more names...

aji dulce de mi patio

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For those of you who have enjoyed the Puertorican dishes whether it would be an Asopao, Arroz con Pollo, Arroz con....anything, sopas (soups), fricase, in short....just about any culinary experience you have had with Puertorican food, the recipes almost always call for :

1-Ají dulce (sweet cooking pepper)

2- Culantro (Recao)

3- Cebolla (Onion)

4- Ajo (Garlic)

There are several types and they have a different degrees of flavor! Ají Dulce seeds are very hard to find outside Puerto Rico (and they are getting harder to get within the Island). I now have several producing plants and of course, they give me the seeds. Plant your own and enjoy the fresh taste in your culinary adventures with your own SOFRITO!


If you have planted your seeds and would like to share the information on your success, please send me an e-mail with the details and I will post your experience on the website....... Jose Puras


Here are some inputs from our customers:


Important Reading !

Hot Contribution from Rene Torres 9/18/08

Rene was having problems with his beautiful Aji Caballero plants appx. 4-6 inches tall and the plants were losing their leaves. Turns out an Old Timer told him to put coffee grounds around the plant's trunk and that it will repel the little bugs. They will tunnel into the trunks and completely kill the plant when they eat the center of the trunk. This happens in most pepper plants so the same applies for the Aji Dulce plant and other peppers!

Gracias René

My kind of feedback from Happy Customers !


Hi Jose,
The seeds have done splendidly so far. The aji dulce germination rate was 100%. First seeds germinated in 6 days and all had germinated by 10 days. The recao seeds also germinated more quickly than expected. The first seeds appeared about 8 days after planting and there appear to be 50-100 sprouts at two weeks. The seeds were planted in Miracle-Gro potting mix and covered with plastic. Temperatures up here have been warm (75-90) which has bode well for germination.
thanks for the great seeds! Jay Nierenberg



Kind words from a customer....(Made my day !)

May 11, 2009

Name Dan Vander Lugt
Email supressed for security reasons
Subject Feedback about culantro and aji dulce seeds
Comments I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fine batch of recao (culantro) and aji dulce seeds I purchased from you.

Out of 14 aji seeds, 11 germinated and all plants are doing well.

Most of the culantro seeds germinated, and I have far more plants than I need! (A coworker has some Dominican friends, and I sharing some plants with them.)

I wish you success!



Hi Jose, I just wanted you to know how well my aji dulce seeds grew.  I gave 4 plants away to my friends and kept 3 for myself.  The plants are growing great up here in Connecticut, with lots of peppers on each plant.  Pretty soon I will make the sofrito.  Thanks for the great seeds.                                         Sandy Palladino


P.S. Ají Dulce is NOT a hot pepper! However, being of the capsicum chinense family they may carry a slight touch of heat. Some more, some less, most imperceptible....

(It is just the perfect companion for Culantro to impart that Caribbean touch)



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